And she no more replied back…

The heartbeat stopped and she never replied back…. Happy, go lucky and always smiling people are the ones who are hiding a bunch of things inside them the most. They will never let you know from their face, however will cry when alone or feel lonely or depressed. I can say that confidently because I am the one facing this many times and it’s a common problem of the society.. I am 30, educated, good life, good family and good friends and when you meet me you will feel all is well, but the more you spend time with me … Continue reading And she no more replied back…

“Sexuality in this common world is way too common”.

“The thinking of that feeling is just GROSS, it highly is not appropriate when I even do not want to remember it. “ I remember recently seeing an episode of Pakistani drama, UDAARI; where a step father rapes the step daughter he loves the most. He is shown as the most caring father of all times in the start but moving on his urge for getting satisfaction reaches the level where it could not be controlled and he satisfies himself by raping her. Later he threatens her in various ways not to inform or tell her mother at all, so … Continue reading “Sexuality in this common world is way too common”.

Marriage a formality or a blessing??

“Beta umar nikalti jarhi hai kab hogi tumhari shadi or dekho log kia kahenge bad me”.  The most killing statement of all times for females of all sort, or should I highlight specifically unmarried females. Well, age is just a number I think but for the so called SAMAAJ it is the opposite. The world highlights it as a sin, attitude or ego of a girl if she denies to get married under a certain age. According to my research, the age identified is directly proportional to the casts and norms people are bound into these days. Memon girls get married at 18-21, Punjabi … Continue reading Marriage a formality or a blessing??


”The moment he started it was an instant thought of I HATE IT WHEN YOU MAKE IT.” It’s 10:15 am on the dial and a boring usual Monday with ample amount of work to finish after a long weekend. Sigh! Thinking of the moment why we work for these corporate kings like slaves leaves me devastated. Above all, when you see favoritism at it’s peak it makes one realize with a thought provoking alarm that, ”You are wasting your time loser unless you are on the other side of the story”. These harsh thoughts are a part of the society … Continue reading I HATE IT WHEN YOU MAKE IT !!